3 Tips for International Trade Show Exhibiting

Travel is certainly exciting, and there is a wide world of potential leads and customers out there – but international trade shows come with their own special challenges as well. Here’s a link to an article on 3 great tips for making the most of your international trade show experience!

1. Learn to read body language: This element of interaction between you and your visitors/clients is utterly crucial, especially if there’s a language barrier. Body language is subtle, and can vary wildly in meaning and purpose within barely-separated regions of the world. Basically, you want to follow their lead – if they bow, you bow. If they extend their hand, shake it. And try to keep personal space at a moderate distance, because it’s easy to get too close and potentially scare people off.

2. Engage them personally: When many international companies send representatives to trade shows, those people will be high-ranking members of the organization, and therefore accustomed to a level of hospitality and attention that may seem different (or even unnecessary) to a Westerner. Getting straight to business may be considered insulting, so take some time to accommodate your guests.

3. Avoid language barriers on displays: This one might slip right past you, because it’s easy to forget how often English makes uses of idioms and colloquialisms that do not translate well into other languages. Coordinate with your trade show provider on how to properly word your signage in order to avoid confusion, and consider practicing your verbal pitches ahead of time to help groom out any wording that might confuse or distract.

Hit the link for more in-depth analysis. Happy international showing, everyone!

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